1. greed:


    Probably one of the best tweets I’ve ever come across tbh.




  3. instagrarn:

    when you flawlessly rap that verse


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  4. notimefordirtytalk:

    You know, if you watch the lion king closely, you can find a lot of simbalism.

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  5. exhists:

    a picture may be worth 1,000 words but my selfie is worth 100,000 notes

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  6. homudokas:

    do you ever feel like a plastic swag

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  7. canadumb:

    i wonder how many 11 year olds are getting iphones this christmas 

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    1. Friend: go ask
    2. Me: no you go ask
    3. Friend: no you
    4. Me: fine can i have ketchup

  8. thoughts of a goldfish

    1. goldfish: nice rock
    2. goldfish: nice rock
    3. goldfish: nice rock
    4. goldfish: nice rock
    5. goldfish: The country’s economy and labor market remain in deep disrepair. Whereas our various post-market institutions (e.g., the safety net, educational institutions, health institutions) have a mixed record of coping with the rising poverty and inequality that has been handed to them by a still-struggling economy and labor market.
    6. goldfish: nice rock

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